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Electric ionic hair brush with ion technology that works to slow hair

20.25 USD

Best Electric Hairbrush Mini Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush Comb Vibrating Massage Hair Brush Negative Ions Typical Hair Styling Tools for Women,Men,Girls,Boys

Specifications of the best electric hair brush

  • Product name: Electric magnetic massage comb
  • Color: pink, mint green
  • Powered by two AAA batteries (without battery)

Features of the best electric hair brush

  • Best Electric Hairbrush Round Comb Design An effective solution to the problem of hair knotting and scalp massage
  • Negative ions are continuously sent out from the negative ion emitting port to reduce frizz
  • When the vibration switch is turned on, the comb will vibrate, massage and release negative ions at the same time, combing the hair, while promoting scalp blood circulation, making you feel more comfortable and make your hair healthier.
  • Easy to disassemble and install Removable airbag for easy cleaning
  • Best Electric Hairbrush Small and portable body, so you can carry it around easily even if you can put it in your handbag, use it anytime and anywhere

Uses of the best electric hair brush

  • Long-term use can reduce hair loss and relieve headache and dizziness due to its vibration and massage feature
  • The best electric hair brush that reduces split ends and tangles, and gives your hair a smooth, shiny and natural look, instead of a flat burnt look.
  • Vibration Massage Function The ionic vibrating massage brush can promote the blood circulation of your scalp while sculpting, making you feel more comfortable and your hair healthier. Maintain the activity of hair follicles and reduce hair loss.
  • Round Tooth Comb All ends of the comb are soft and smooth, which prevents scalp damage or hair pulling during use. The special ball tip has a larger contact surface and gently protects your scalp.

customer reviews

First opinion: A very beautiful brush that makes your hair silky with a smooth texture without splitting.

Second opinion: I liked it very much Vibrating massage gives my head relaxation and comfort

common questions

How to safely remove the cap without breaking the ion brush?

You have to pull the top very hard, it's like it's stuck there, but not with glue or anything else. It is just the way it is packaged.

20.25 USD
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