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Electric cleaning tool with 4 silicone nozzles

34.83 USD

Cleaning tool ear painless cleaning tool electric wireless with 4 nozzle heads removable silicone is used for children and adults, it cleans the ear wax accumulated without going to the doctor is easy to use and comfortable

ear cleaning tool specifications

  • Material: plastic, silicone
  • Item Type: Ear Care
  • Item name: electric ear cleaner
  • Features: Built-in LED light
  • Fit: kids, teens, adults

Ear cleaning tool features

  • Ear cleaning tool , the silicone heads with spiral shape with ergonomic design allows the slow rotation 360 degrees to remove ear wax effectively and gentle cleaning without damaging thine ear, and painless and safe, do not touch the area never dangerous, and protect your ear carefully.
  • The ear cleaner with spiral nozzle heads and mushroom shaped massage head for wide fit The built-in LED light and batteries design that firmly ensures continuous enjoyment even during the dark night.
  • Strong suction and quiet motor can help clean earwax quickly and completely without disturbing others.
  • Fits most users' ear sizes and fully meet your customized requirements, not only provide cleaning efficiency, but also massage enjoyment.
  • Washable and reusable design allows maintenance free and long lasting performance (please avoid machine washing).

Ear cleaning tool

  • Ear cleaning tool with changeable silicone nozzle head, suitable for newborns, young children, adults and adults
  • Also, there are control buttons for easy operation, and a streamlined body for a secure and comfortable grip for a long time
  • The ergonomically designed spiral silicone head can slowly and effectively remove earwax without harming your ears, gently rotating it with 360 degree precision.

customer reviews

First opinion: I bought the product, I use it well with my young children, it is easy to use and completely safe

Second opinion: Good quality It's really nice, fast, and easy to clean and use

common questions

Can this device be used with children?

Yes, it is equipped with different silicone heads to fit children and adults

34.83 USD
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