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Electric 110V Beverage Heater

27.81 USD

Beverage Heater

Beverage heaters are indispensable tools, especially in offices and workplaces, where many people want to have some tea, coffee or other drinks.

Hot drinks while working or outside the house, so the drink heater provides access to this service easily and in a quick time, as you can prepare the drink you want within a few minutes, and due to its spread and frequent use, many types and different sizes have appeared.

Product Description

The beverage warmer is made in an elegant, circular shape to take up minimal space, and has high usability capabilities, and it features a circular frame in three modern colors.

Beautiful, to give more versatility and the heater is provided with an electric charger and a touch button operation. The heater is also characterized by high resistance to water and rust and gives appropriate heating levels for drinks in order not to cause a burning of the mouth, as the heating temperature of drinks reaches 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it a valuable gift on Mother's Day or wedding anniversary or other occasions.

Beverage Warmer Features

This type of electric heater has many new features that make it most suitable at home or at work to save the time needed to get a drink

One of the most important of these properties:

The heater saves energy

Stainless steel heater design to make it from durable materials such as stainless steel to keep it as long as possible

The heater is characterized by water resistance, when a little water is spilled on its surface during the preparation of the drink, it is sufficient to just wipe it with a towel, because the surface of the heater is made of glass

Waterproof crystal.

The heater is characterized by the feature of automatic operation, touch operation, as soon as the cup is placed, the color of the indicator turns from cold pink to blue for low temperature and then gradually red with the high temperature and start heating.

Beverage Warmer keeps drinks hot all day long.

The heater is characterized by high safety factors, as it contains a high-tech waterproof membrane to protect it from damage, and makes it easy to clean

The heater works at a power of 15 watts, and a voltage of 110 volts.

The heater turns off automatically when not in use for more than two hours to save energy.

Beverage Warmer Material

The beverage warmer is made of stainless steel microcrystalline glass with a silicone base to fix the heater and prevent it from slipping, with holes

To dissipate heat, an inner heater is made of heat-conducting nickel and a high-tech pi heating film is added to the heater. The design The heater is designed with an elegant and modern design that fits with different types of furniture , whether in the home or office, and different colors give it a distinctive appearance as it enjoys

Highly efficient in heating coffee and beverages.

The color takes the black color with a frame with three colors , golden, red and black

· Size is characterized by a small - sized heater is suitable for all kinds of cups and easily save it in a small space.

· Type drinks heater

· Lightweight

The capacity is 15 watts.

· Voltage of 110 volts.

Beverage Warmer Usage Tips

To keep the heater from damage and to use it for a long period of time, the following must be followed:

Do not pour water directly into the heater

Plastic cups should not be used for heating.

Be sure to use flat-bottomed cups to avoid spilling their contents.

The heater should be kept out of the reach of children under 16 years of age to avoid accidents and burns.

The heater must be covered with its silicone cap after use

Gently clean the heater to remove any stains on it with a towel dampened with water, so as not to be scratched and damaged.


Product name: Electric Coffee Tea Tray USB Drink Cup Warmer Heater

Material: Mg agnesium aluminum alloy + glass

Weight: about 340 grams

Size: 12 * 1.3cm / 4.7 * 0.5inch

Color: black / red / golden (optional)

Cord length: 1.5m / 59.1in

Voltage: 110V

Power: 15W

Switch: Touch a switch

Timing function: 8 hours

Heating: PTC heating

Temperature: heating -55 ~ 60 ℃ red / constant temperature -50 ~ 55 ℃ blue

Waterproof: Surface water

Hardware: glass / ceramic / metal / plastic cup


1. Stylish design, small size, perfect for your office desk. The warmth of the drinks not only warms the coffee, but will also be a craft on your table.

2. It is assembled with aviation aluminum frame and temperature-resistant tempered glass for durable use. Water and dust resistance.

3. Different from previous generation products, 2019 new released Coffee Mug Warmer has built-in temperature control chip unit and automatic shutdown function. Keep your coffee or other drinks at a constant temperature. The device will shutdown automatically without use after 8 hours.

4. Two temperature levels available, blue light for constant temperature, red light for heating. The temperature setting function is ideal for both hot coffee fans and lukewarm coffee lovers.

5. Choose this warmer drink for your friends, family and lover as a Christmas gift! Keep their coffee warm, and keep their hearts warm.

Package Included:

1XE electric beverage warmer (with charger)

27.81 USD
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