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Infrared sensor liquid soap dispenser from xiaomi youpin

38.07 USD

Infrared sensor liquid soap dispenser from xiaomi youpin

Liquid soap dispenser in Koruna time became everyone seeking to avoid touching surfaces and materials that can transmit infection even when cleaning hands so we have provided soap dispenser liquid feature infrared sensor that will help you avoid touching the device to get soap ..

Specifications of liquid soap dispenser:

  • Product type: liquid soap dispenser
  • Product color: Available in white, which goes with all decorations and colors
  • Material: Made of ABS
  • Capacity of the device: It can hold about 250 ml
  • Volts: 6 volts
  • Voltage: 1.8 Watt
  • Sensor: Sensing at a distance of 3-5 cm
  • Battery: 4*AA
  • Size: 85*120*205 mm
  • Weight: about 350 grams
  • Brand: Xiaomi Youbin

Features of liquid soap dispenser:

  • Made of high quality materials, it will last you for a long time
  • It works in infrared, as once the hand is placed under the dispenser, an appropriate amount of soap comes out, so you do not need to pressure the device, which makes you less likely to transmit germs.
  • Medium size suitable for use in bathrooms
  • Very suitable for children's use

The foaming soap suitable for this product can be found here

Package contains:

1 x Xiaowei liquid soap dispenser

1 x English/Japanese User Manual

(Battery and liquid are not included)

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Description :

[Optimiztion Version] Intelligent Liquid Soap Dispenser Automatic Touchless Induction Foam Infrared Sensor Hand Washing Bathroom Tools from Xiaomi Youpin

Smart liquid soap dispenser, foam delivery, fully automatic foaming.

Simple and delicate, with biological design, high capacity and low consumption.

Fully automatic inductive foam soap machine, professional hand sanitizer and more sanitary.

Package Includes:

1 x Xiaowei Liquid Soap Dispenser

1 x English / Japanese User Manual

(Battery and Liquid are not included)

38.07 USD
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