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Curren luxury women's watch

43.65 USD

curren . luxury women's watch

Luxurious women's watch from curren of the finest materials and curren watches are the most durable and last for a long time, with a delicate design that fits modern women, and it also suits girls because of its youthful look that increases the elegance and beauty of women.

Definition of a luxury women's watch from curren

A luxury women's watch from curren comes with a delicate design that can be used at all times, the watch is made of steel known for its resistance to rust, so it looks elegant and delicate on the woman's wrist, which fascinates everyone. It has a very thin dial that resists scratching, and it has natural leather straps, which makes it comfortable to wear and reflects a delicate modern look. It is also water-resistant to a distance of up to 30 meters, but it is not suitable for swimming, diving and other water sports.

curren luxury women's watch information

A luxury women's watch from curren has specifications that make it distinct from other watch models, the watch is suitable for all ages and can be worn in parties, evenings and at university, and increases the elegance and elegance of those who use it. The most important information about it is the following:

The watch is produced by manufacturing it from high quality materials that are sustainable and resistant to friction and weather changes.

The watch has a sturdy steel frame that resists shocks.

Made with quartz movement techniques, it is accurate in determining the time.

The luxury and elegance of the watch is enhanced by the fact that it has a high-quality leather bracelet, and it comes in several distinct colors that suit all women.

Curren watches have world-class corrosion resistant glass.

clock components

The curren watch consists of several main pieces which are as follows:

Thin and sturdy case with a glass dial and delicate gold-tone metal exterior.

It has a multi-colored leather bracelet, designed with a suitable length to provide comfort on the hands of women, and it has a secure clasp so that the wearer does not have to worry about falling out.

The watch has minute indices of a golden color that distinguishes it, with heart engravings studded with lobes of sparkling stars, which increases its delicacy and beauty.

Features of a luxury women's watch from curren

A luxury women's watch from curren has many characteristics that attract women to it, as the wrist watch has become one of the essential pieces of accessories for women, whether when they go out to work or for a picnic, and the most important of these characteristics are the following:

The disc is round, durable, metallic, that is rust-resistant and has an appropriate thickness.

The watch is equipped with quartz movement techniques, which increases its accuracy in measuring time.

It has a leather strap in multiple colors and comes with a length of 22 cm.

The dial has a thin gold metal frame.

The color of the indicators is distinctive golden.

The type of glass is scratch and abrasion resistant.

It has a durable and long-lasting battery.

The materials of the watch are water-resistant, but they are not used for those who play water sports.

Benefits of the watch

The watch is a delicate accessory that enhances the beauty of a woman's wrist.

Used to determine the time with high accuracy.

The bracelet has multiple colors, making it suitable for all colors of women's clothes, adding to their beauty and brilliance.

The watch is luxurious and elegant and can be given as a gift on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day and on happy occasions such as holidays and Christmas parties.

How to use

A luxurious women's watch from curren of international quality and works with high efficiency and accurate timekeeping, because it works with modern technologies and quartz movement to resist rust and scratches, making it sustainable for long periods.

43.65 USD
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