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Crystal earrings for women

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Crystal earrings for women

Earrings are made of pieces of ornaments of a delicate nature, and women have been adorned with them since ancient times. We find the Pharaonic civilization in which the queens are adorned with earrings that drop from their ears and are of the finest types and precious stones.

Earrings are made of many materials, the most important of which is gold because it is expensive and there is silver, Chinese gold and crystal, and the designs of earrings also differ.

Description of crystal earrings for women:

Crystal earrings are very many and varied in the markets and are widespread and are found in multiple shapes such as roses, small squares, hearts and many of these shapes. Its simplicity and beauty immediately catches your eye, and the crystal lobes add to it an eye-catching sparkle.

Features of crystal earrings for women:

Crystal earrings are one of the best types that can be worn by women, as they add beauty and luster to the ear .

Their designs are wonderful and attractive to the eye, and they are usually thin designs, as they depend on the formation of a shape with lobes and metal.

Their colors, as crystal is known to be shining, but these earrings are determined by the metal used to build their structure, whether it is silver or gold.

♦ The quality of the earrings The earrings are made of the best types of crystal available in the market, and the earring is durable and keeps its shape.

How to wear branch-shaped crystal earrings:

The earring is placed on the ear so that its upper end is behind the earlobe and the needle of the throat is inserted from the front where it passes through the earlobe and the earrings are placed behind the earlobe, then lock the earrings from the back, so that you get beautiful earrings that decorate your ears from crystals.

How to choose the right earrings according to the shape of the face:

There are many forms of earrings, there are hanging from the ear, large-sized earrings, and small button-shaped earrings that do not exceed the size of the earlobe and face shapes, including:

Round face : If you have a round face, long thin earrings are the most suitable for you, as your face will appear much thinner, and stay away from choosing large circular earrings that are hollow from the inside or that are in the form of a button.

Long and slender face: If you have a long and slender face, hoop earrings are best suited to large, medium and small stud earrings, and if you like dangling earrings, you can choose small dangler earrings.

Square face: If you have a square face, you should choose earrings in a way that limits the sharpness of the corners of the face, and the most suitable for this is the long circular shape, ie oval, and stay away from square earrings.

Heart-shaped face: You should choose earrings that have a specific shape because the earrings have a space from the bottom that limits the sharpness of the chin and gives the face a harmonious shape.

Oval face: It is the most fortunate face as it can adopt all shapes of earrings.

Finally, Madam, you can choose the appropriate earrings for you.

11.34 USD
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