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Cover iPhone 12 and Huawei in the form of a bag

28.62 USD

The best iPhone case from Fratose invites you to distinction, difference and elegance. It is a unique case in the form of a small, thin, elegant and attractive bag that makes you always shine.

Specifications of the best iPhone case

  • Bag in the form of a bag.
  • Made of high quality materials.
  • Designed for the Apple iPhone 12, which is a wi-fi made of a material that contains high-quality bumpers and a hard plastic back.
  • Soft rubber material to protect iPhone 12 from scratches, dirt and bumps.

Features of the best iPhone case

  • The best iPhone case in the form of a small bag, very beautiful and delicate.
  • A case with accessories that increases its beauty and attractiveness.
  • The best iPhone case has a front pocket to put your card or cash.
  • The best iPhone case made of high-quality materials that will last you a long time.
  • It has precise cutouts for all ports and buttons.

Uses of the best iPhone case

  • The best iPhone case is made of high-quality materials, beautiful in shape. You can also use it as a bag because it has an arm to carry it on the shoulder, and it is also equipped with a pocket that you can put your card or cash inside.
  • Mobile Cover is airtight, so it keeps your phone from dirt, dust particles and water ingress.
  • It is characterized by being shock-resistant as it is resistant to falling from small heights.
  • It has a high-quality rubber inner shell, effectively preventing your phone from bumps and scratches.
  • A mobile case that does not have a front cover and does not have a screen protector.
  • Best pod for iPhone provider Backssuarat make it the prettiest increases your style.
  • The best durable iPhone case that keeps its attractive appearance for long periods of time.

customer reviews

First opinion: A great product that protects the iPhone 12, a stylish and attractive mobile case, versatility in use, and protects my phone very much.

Second opinion: The best iPhone case, a really high quality product, I always recommend using it, it's great.

common questions

  • Is this case very durable?

Yes, it is very durable and made of high quality materials that save your phone from shocks.

  • Can it be installed and removed easily?

Yes, it can be installed and removed very easily. It is also equipped with a pocket to keep your money inside. It is easy to use.

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28.62 USD
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