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cosmetic bag

5.40 USD

The cosmetic bag is made of high quality waterproof nylon that is easy to clean; Padded Top and Bottom Cover - Great Protection Simple yet creative and exquisite cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bag specification

Size: 21cm x 16cm x 8cm

Large storage space and with a removable mesh pocket.

This type of multi-travel bag is made of water-resistant nylon

Features of a cosmetic bag

  • The cosmetic bag is made of high quality nylon material that is waterproof and easy to clean; Padded top and bottom cover - great smart protection; Easy to use smooth zipper
  • A cosmetic bag that fits all your needs and the interior capacity is divided into three sections that can hold different kinds of cosmetics, make-up tools, toiletry, jewelry and digital accessories.
  • Waterproof and durable cosmetic bag The toiletry bag comes with a foam insert that effectively prevents collisions and falls and protects your mirror and other fragile tools

cosmetic bag uses

  • Portable Cosmetic Bag Do your makeup anywhere, ideal for short trips, ideal for travel, the only thing you need to do is put the bag in your travel bag. You can also use it to store cosmetics at home, perfect choice as a gift.
  • The cosmetic bag has a large capacity, enough to store your makeup and beauty supplies, such as lipstick, makeup brushes, lip gloss, eye shadow, skin care products, nail polish and other toiletries.
  • Multi-compartment cosmetic bag The cosmetic bag has two serving compartments. You can according to the different size of the tool to arrange the space.
  • There is also a built-in mesh pouch that makes classified storage more convenient to use. Holds small items like lipstick and makeup brushes.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry cosmetic bag. The makeup case is suitable for storing cosmetics at home. It can also be put directly into the cool travel bag.
  • You can also store jewelry, camera, essential oils, electronic accessories, toiletries, shaving tools, valuables, etc. inside a cosmetic bag

customer reviews

  • First opinion: An amazing lightweight cosmetic bag that I carry with me anywhere easily
  • Second opinion: This bag is great for keeping my makeup items from getting wet. It's beautifully waterproof

common questions

  • Is the bag capacity wide?

Yes, it has a wide capacity that can hold as many of your tools as possible

5.40 USD
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