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Cool Mickey watch for kids

10 colors

7.83 USD

Cool Mickey watch for kids

Cool Mickey watch is one of the most beautiful watches that many children are attracted to because of its wonderful shapes and distinct colors, which give distinction and joy to every child who wears it, as there are all colors that suit girls and boys, as well as all kinds of clothes worn by boys and girls.

Definition of Cool Mickey watch for kids

The Cool Mickey watch for children is one of the most beautiful watches that children love to buy because it is depicted with the beloved electronic character Mickey, which all children love, so this is one of the most important reasons why children love to buy and wear a Mickey watch, and the watch is made of durable materials and a strong rubber frame even It withstands playing and falling on the ground as it is made with a very elegant and beautiful design. The watch also works with extreme precision through a precise quartz movement and is equipped with a bracelet of all colors to suit the color of each garment and to get more diversity and difference as the watch has colors that suit girls such as rose, white and red and there are colors to suit The boys ones are black, blue, green and brown.

Information and specifications of the Cool Mickey watch for children

The Cool Mickey watch for children has features that every child fascinates and makes it the most suitable watch for any child, as it is characterized by the following

  • The watch is made of high-quality materials, as it has a sturdy structure that can withstand playing, especially for children because they are a lot of movement, pronunciation and falling.
  • The wristwatch works very accurately in determining the time.
  • Water resistant up to 10 metres, and there are sports watches.
  • There are also some of them touch and there are international brands.
  • In the frame of the watch there are different and distinct colors suitable for wearing all kinds and colors of clothes, whether casual, boys' suits or girls' dresses.

Kool Mickey kids watch components

The Cool Mickey watch for children consists of three pieces, the first of which is a thin case of durable materials with a dial depicting the beloved cartoon character of children, Mickey Mouse, with a rubber outer shell to add a charming touch to the watch.

  • The second piece of rubber bracelet has different colors to suit girls and boys and has a suitable length and a clasp to close tightly and easily, and the watch can be worn at all times.
  • The third piece consists of gears and internal teeth made of durable plastic, which is characterized by its inability to break or rust, in order to ensure the quality and accuracy of the movement, which prolongs the life of the watch. The watch also consists of three distinct metal hands and has bright colors..

Features of Cool Mickey watch for kids

The Cool Mickey watch for children is characterized as a wrist watch with a delicate design suitable for children, which adds a lot to them. 106 cm and weighs approximately 60, depending on the model, the type of the clasp, and the bracelets are made of leather from Japan. They are also water-resistant, and it is not preferable not to swim or dive with it.

Benefits of the watch

The Cole Mickey Kids' watch uses the most accurate timekeeping for its signature quartz movement.

  • The watch also has a delicate and elegant design that is unique to this type of watch and can be used by children everywhere they go.
  • The colors of the watch match all times, whether in the morning or evening.

How to use

The watch is used with ease due to its wonderful and beautiful design and unique techniques in determining the time through accurate movement of the pointer, and it also has a long-life battery.

7.83 USD
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