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concrete molds

17.55 USD

There are a lot of concrete formwork, where these molds are used during the construction of the foundation of the building, where there are many different forms of these molds, and the shape is determined based on the building's architectural system.

Specification of types of concrete formwork

  • The formwork is strong and well encapsulated to prevent any kind of leakage of building materials.
  • Concrete molds are precisely tuned
  • Its shapes are round and square
  • Its price is 272.35 Egyptian pounds
  • The colors are black and white and there are many different colors.

Features of Specification of Types of Concrete Formwork

  • The best types of concrete formwork, its weight is very light.
  • The screws are placed in it easily and appropriately without facing any kind of problems.
  • Very stable when you start using it.
  • Its construction takes more time.

A customer behind the specification types of concrete casting molds

  • The best types of concrete formwork are very suitable for the price that was offered.
  • It has high quality workmanship.
  • Durable, sturdy and highly recommended.

common questions:

Is its price appropriate for its quality?

Yes, the price is very suitable and I recommend buying it as soon as possible before stocks run out.

17.55 USD
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