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Computer monitor table to raise the level of the monitor

70.20 USD

A computer monitor table that you place above your desk and this monitor lifter fits perfectly at your eye level helping you correct your sitting posture and relieve back and neck pain as you can now always focus on working without pain.

computer monitor table specifications

  • Made of solid wood + .ABS
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials.

Computer monitor table features

  • Computer monitor table is designed to elevate your monitor and provide more storage space for your mouse, keyboard, router, files, books, etc.
  • Adjust everything to create a clean and neat desk for you The monitor lifter is designed with a mobile phone slot and a handy cable management hub.
  • With Computer Monitor Table Say No to Spine Diseases We chose a comfortable height of 3.9 inches after testing the product on a thousand people It helps you change bad sitting posture efficiently and reduce body pressure Work hard without pain.

computer monitor table uses

  • One stand for all devices This computer monitor table can be used as a computer lift, desktop stand, printer stand, freely change usage scenarios and work with more convenience.
  • Computer monitor table with non-slip pads You can have a new monitor stand in one minute assembly.
  • Detailed computer monitor table design Built-in mobile phone slot and cable management hub keep your desk tidy and neat Non-slip pads prevent the computer monitor stand from slipping or falling keeping your devices safe at any moment.
  • This monitor stand holder is designed to provide storage space for some of your files, glasses, mouse, keyboard, and speakers. Organize everything in order.
  • The new computer monitor table won't bother you with assembly plus it allows you the freedom to customize the monitor riser as storage space.
  • Comfortable height computer monitor table designed with an ideal width that suits you perfectly, helping you correct your sitting position.
  • A computer monitor table made of a stable and durable material that meets all your needs in both office and home.

customer reviews

First opinion: It's a great and very comfortable computer monitor table, I've been working since I bought it without neck pain.

Second opinion: It is very durable and does not slip during my work. It is really practical and comfortable.

common questions

  • Is it possible to slide the screen off the table easily?

The table has non-slip pads that prevent the computer monitor stand from slipping or falling, keeping your devices safe at any moment.

70.20 USD
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