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Colorful crossbody bag for women

31.24 USD

crossbody bag for women

A cross bag for women is one of the most important concerns of women, as bags are one of the basics of fashion for all women, and many women are looking for the latest fashions of bags, and we find that the straw bag is one of the leading fashion bags this year. the summer.

Product Introduction

The straw bag is widely popular in the Arab world, and it is characterized by being suitable for all tastes. It is available in many colors that are characterized by sophistication and beauty. It has colorful fringes that decorate the bag in various distinct colors. It has won the admiration of many women, because it is characterized by a long, wide and comfortable hand Very beautiful during use, and leather on the top and on the sides increases its beauty.

Product description of crossbody bag for women

  • Brand: Dar Fire
  • Bag shape: bucket shape
  • Bag closing method: by zipper
  • The hardness of the bag: the bag is soft

Product Features

  • The bag is suitable for all different tastes and ages of women.
  • This women's crossbody bag is perfect for all kinds of different outfits.
  • It is suitable for carrying on picnics and trips with family or friends and the beaches in the summer.
  • It has a long strap that helps comfort the shoulder and back while wearing it.
  • It has an accessory made of the finest types of gold-coloured metal, adding a charming touch to it.
  • It is blended with pieces of leather made of the highest quality.
  • The bag features a stylish and distinctive bucket-like design, adding a wonderful aesthetic touch to you.
  • It has a distinct multi-colored belt that adds to the bag a special kind of beauty.

Women's Cross Bag Warnings

  • The bag should not be kept with other bags inside the closet, so put the bag in a cloth or plastic bag with the bag closed, and it is preferable to deal with that bag with all your other bags to preserve it.
  • The bag should not touch the ground dirty during use.
  • You should not eat any food or drink any drink on the bag so that the bag is not exposed to stains and dirt that are difficult to clean.
  • You should not put any symptoms on the bag as it will not be damaged.
  • You should not put make-up tools inside the bag, as they are exposed to dirt that is difficult to remove.
  • Do not put items larger than the size of the bag.

How to use

  • Madam, you can wear a women's crossbody bag with loose-fitting pants and a not too long top, or a green pocket with a shirt of your choice, to get a very dazzling modern look.
  • Madam, you can wear the bag with a multi-colored floral dress to make your look more than wonderful.
  • A blazer dress can be worn with the bag for a charming and distinctive look.

31.24 USD
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