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Colored prescription lenses for vision correction

35.10 USD

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The best type of optical lenses that are comfortable for many people to correct their vision and also give a wonderful change to your appearance with their wonderful colors, changing the color of your eyes with clear vision is a real pleasure

Specifications of the best type of medical lenses

  • The products comply with the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) and comply with European standards (European CE
  • Warning about eye sizes: The following sizes are available: (0 / 1.00- / 1.25- / 1.50- / 1.75- / 2.00- / 2.25- / 2.50- / 2.75- / 3.00- / 3.25- / 3.50- / 3.75- / 4.00- / 4.25- / 4.50- / 4.75- / 5.00- / 5.25- / 5.5.- / 5.75- / 6.00- )

Advantages of the best type of medical lenses

  • The best type of optical lenses 3 layers sandwich design to ensure that the middle pigment layer does not touch your eyes
  • The best type of optical lenses featuring an ergonomic angle design, the corneal lens reduces the angle design, very comfortable and perfect
  • Anti-UV material, effectively prevent and reduce UV damage to the eyes

Uses of the best type of prescription lenses

  • Only use a contact lens disinfection solution to clean and store contact lenses
  • Clean contact lenses and store them in a solution to be renewed once a week
  • Never store contacts in water or an old solution - always use a fresh solution
  • Replace your contact lens case at least every 3 months
  • Follow your eye doctor's recommendations regarding replacing contact lenses
  • Colored contact lenses are one of the most popular fashion accessories today. Certainly, the perfect partner for bold and bright eye shadows. Make you attractive at all times.
  • The best type of easy-to-use medical lenses that are easy to handle during insertion, removal and cleaning.
  • You can wear colored contact lenses to change the appearance of your natural eye color, whether or not you need prescription glasses.
  • After an eye examination by your eye specialist may be prescribed colored lenses for correcting (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), irregular cornea (astigmatism) corrected vision and the chance to improve or change the color of your eyes completely in one.

customer reviews

First opinion: I am very happy with the use of these colored medical lenses, which improve my appearance with clarity of vision without wearing glasses

Second opinion: Really, very wonderful, comfortable, very soft, does not cause me redness in the eyes

common questions

Do these contact lenses cause irritation and redness of the eye?

No, it is of high quality, medical, so light and soft that you do not feel it while wearing it

35.10 USD
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