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colored contact lenses

9.45 USD

Make all your friends jealous by wearing a pair of these colored contact lenses. They are very beautiful and attractive lenses. Always meet with the best contact lenses from Fratoz. You are always cheerful and attractive.

Specifications of the best contact lenses

  • Caution: Do not wear during cooking or exposure to high temperature such as sitting near a fire.
  • Water content: 40%
  • Lifetime: Can be disposed of annually
  • Center thickness: 0.06 mm
  • Base Curve: 8.5 mm
  • Diameter: 14.0 mm
  • Lens Material: HEMA
  • Lens color: natural
  • Lens hardness: soft
  • Package includes: 1 pair of colored contact lenses (with case)
  • The lenses are for eye color only, not optical lenses

Features of the best contact lenses

  • The best wonderful contact lenses have a special design to highlight the color more.
  • You can wear them every day and you can throw them away annually and they will still be comfortable due to the lightweight and breathable Poly Hema material that is also quick and easy to clean
  • The best color contact lenses are made with high quality pigment, so don't worry if your eyes are dark because they won't show under the lens.

The best use of contact lenses

  • You can wear them day and night and on occasions, and there are also special colors for Halloween. Enjoy with the best contact lenses at all times.
  • The best contact lenses are stored in sterile isotonic saline and stored
  • The best contact lenses are great natural colors and there are also a bunch of crazy Halloween patterns. You can opt for over-the-counter or prescription strengths while shopping this exciting range of products.
  • The lightweight material formulation of regular contact lenses provides the perfect balance between durability and softness. The water content and slim profile ensure comfort and hydration while wearing.
  • Enhanced lenses are designed to match your natural eye color rather than cover it up. The larger transparent section leaves your natural color visible while adding lens colors to the shade of your iris.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is very comfortable for the eye and amazing, its colors are natural. I wear it for long periods of time and do not feel tired

Second opinion: Really great contact lenses that are light and do not cause allergies. I liked them very much

common questions

Are these lenses durable?

Yes, it is characterized by durability and softness. It lives with you for a long time and is very comfortable as well

9.45 USD
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