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Coffee Foam Painting Supplies

15.12 USD

Various Shapes Pieces Coffee Cake Decoration and Coffee Drawing + 1 Steel Mesh Powder Shaker + 1 Coffee Latte Art Pen Make Your Coffee in Beautiful Different Shapes Great Set for Coffee Drawing

Coffee drawing features

  • Professional Coffee Draw 16 Pieces: The cut-out is made of food-grade PP approved plastic and is easy to clean, which is durable and allows food to be touched directly.
  • Different patterns meet your different preferences Draw Plastic Cappuccino Coffee with 16 different design patterns including strawberry, apple, , loving heart, bow, sun, moon, christmas tree, smiley face and more. Various styles meet all your needs and preferences.
  • PROFESSIONAL COFFEE DRAWING: These are professional art molds to create beautiful patterns of latte, cappuccino and oatmeal for kids. Cupcake, cake, hot chocolate or any other things you want. It brings you more happiness when you enjoy coffee.

coffee drawing uses

  • Wide application: The coffee drawing is great for decoration. You can decorate cake, bread, biscuit, coffee, other dessert, greeting card, airbrushing, scrapbooking, wall, window, even human body and more DIY making. It is your best choice for DIY coffee and bakery maker and make your life funny and colorful.
  • 1 Stainless Steel Powder Shaker & 1 Coffee Latte Pen Included - 304 grade stainless steel material can contact food directly, with polishing process on the surface. The ABS dustproof cover keeps moisture in the air, keeping the rest of the powder dry and fresh. Helps you to get rid of sugar, sprinkles, cocoa, powdered spices and sugar quickly and uniformly

customer reviews

First opinion: A really great product for decorating. I use it to decorate coffee and cake molds. Beautiful and different shapes that bring happiness. I really liked it a lot.

Second opinion: Amazing, amazing, excellent. Decorating coffee became easier at home. I also used some pieces while painting the house to decorate the walls. Really beautiful graphics.

common questions

Is the coffee drawing set healthy?

Yes, the set is healthy, made of high-quality materials, allowed to touch food, and it is safe for health, so there is no need to worry

15.12 USD
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