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Car mobile holder without magnet

14.04 USD

The best mobile holder suitable for all types of cell phones, non-slip, fully integrated with your car.

Specifications of the best mobile holder

  • black color
  • Mobile holder without magnet

Features of the best mobile holder

  • New and high quality air shock protection, keeps the phone stable all the way. Unique one-word design, simple to the max, perfectly integrated with your car cabin, no more worry about phone dropping and holder slipping.
  • Best Mobile Holder Make sure to find the best rotation angle One-hand operation, ensure safe driving, gravity binding principle, lock or release the phone automatically.
  • The mobile holder is non-slip, anti-scratch, stable, and does not damage the air outlets.
  • The best mobile holder that supports the normal port. Suitable for all types of smartphones from 4.7 to 6.9 inches.

Uses of the best mobile holder

  • Best Mobile Holder Easy Locking System Simple ergonomic mechanism secures and provides easy access to the device. Integrated super locking system secure your phone more stable make you feel free to drive safely.
  • Sturdy stand base The reinforced, double sized claw allows for a perfect fit with almost any air vent. The rubberized exterior provides a firm grip and keeps your vehicle's air vent free from scratches.
  • The best mobile holder for quick installation and detachment Easy to connect and detach your phone in a second with one hand. Keep your phone handy and drive smoothly, the rotatable car mount allows you to freely adjust your phone to any angle you prefer, giving you the best viewing experience.
  • No magnetic interference This communication system uses automatic contact and no magnetic interference. Ensure that the GPS signal is more stable when navigating.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: Very easy to download and use. It's good that it allows you to lock the phone into the holder, although I feel it is very secure even without it being locked. Overall I am very happy.
  • Second opinion: I love this holder I have finished the purchase and for the whole family. We love her. Very secure and easy to click in and out.

14.04 USD
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