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car leather pedal

59.37 USD

The car pedal is one of the most important things that people are looking for completely, as it is one of the most important pieces of accessories that are found in the car.

car pedal specifications

  • Pedal made of leather
  • 3D or 5D

Car pedal features

  • A car pedal is distinguished by the fact that it is located in the floor of the car and ranges from two to four pedals, and these pedals are only intended for the foot.
  • All these parts all have one thing in common, which is that they work to maintain the sufficient level of hygiene for the car, but from the inside of the car and not outside it.
  • The 3D car pedal is the type that has seen a wide spread in recent times, and the percentage of purchase has increased because it has been silent in modern and advanced forms, in addition to the sizes and configurations that suit all types of cars.

car pedal uses

  • The car pedal is a piece of durable leather that plays the main role in protecting the car from being exposed to dust, and any substances stuck in the air or in the shoes of the driver and car occupants throughout the period of use. And not only that, but we also find that it has small tooth-like pieces that in turn quickly pick up and collect dirt and dust, which facilitates the cleaning process afterwards.
  • The car pedal is available for all types of different modern and old cars,
  • The pedal contains the clutch piece, and this pedal is found in all cars except for cars that are automatically started.
  • It also contains the brake pedal, as well as the fuel pedal.

customer reviews

First opinion: A very practical and comfortable car pedal that protects the car from dust and dirt and gives the car a good appearance

Second opinion: It is really wonderful and long lasting. Made of high quality leather, I loved it so much.

common questions

Does the car pedal last or wear out quickly?

Yes, it will last with you for long periods of time, as it is made of high quality leather

59.37 USD
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