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car cover for sun protection

58.32 USD

Car Cover Sun Visor Retractable Car Cover UV Protection Sun Glare Blackout Privacy Protection

Features of the car cover and sunscreen

  • Sun Protection The car sunshade cover is ideal for protecting against glare, heat and harmful UV rays. Blocks harmful UV rays and keeps your vehicle safe.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: Made of non-toxic, lightweight material that covers your window and you don't have to worry about your kids getting uncomfortable because of the glare of the sun. Adjustable so you can choose how much shade you need.
  • Easy installation The self-retracting design makes installing and folding the car sunshade cover in a matter of seconds. The cover comes with a rubber suction cup and Velcro that keeps your car cover firmly attached to the window. Press the side button to fold it.

Car sunscreen uses

  • Privacy Protection: The car cover sun visor will also create a private room for passengers. This retractable cover is an essential car accessory when you need some privacy inside the car.
  • Cool Interior Design: The car sun visor cover reduces the car interior temperature and makes your car cooler on hot summer days, also provides a comfortable environment inside your car.
  • Driving with your kids in hot weather is the worst thing ever. Protecting your child, young children, loved ones and other passengers is your responsibility. Keep it cool and protected from harmful UV rays
  • When you use the car sun shade whether you are working in the car or sleeping, the people outside the window can't see the car inside.

customer reviews

First opinion: These covers completely prevent any sunlight from penetrating. No more car sun penetration blocks the sun's rays and protects from the sun's harmful rays.

Second opinion: This cover is portable and great so it is easy to store and install. Simply attach the sticker to the window. Completely blocks the sun, protects from heat, and reduces the temperature of your interior and makes it cool.

common questions

Do you still see her? Do they fit front side windows?

Yes, you can see through. But the people outside the window can't see and they can be used in the front windows.

58.32 USD
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