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Car cleaner to remove stubborn dirt

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Car paint to polish and remove scratches

Car paint to polish and remove scratches is a type of high-quality paint that helps rid cars of scratches, removes all stickers on the car, and is very suitable for the surface of the car, because it is designed with nanotechnology, and the product is safe on the interior and exterior parts of the car.

Information and specifications for car paint to polish and remove scratches

Car polish for polishing and removing scratches has many specifications that made many accept its use, and the effect of the car paint product for removing and polishing scratches is like magic, which adds to the car a deep gloss, smooth surface and long-lasting protection more than anything in the market, so it is advised to stop using bottom sealants, And light carnauba wax, and polishing materials made of ancient science and technology, because it is manufactured with nanotechnology, and one of its most important specifications is the following:!

  • The product is considered safe and can be applied to every surface without worrying about the white residue or streaks that other products may cause.
  • The paint is manufactured with nano-ceramic technology, after painting with this group, the surface of the car will be covered with a protective layer, which helps protect the car from the erosion of salt fog, and the effects of falling bird droppings, and also protects the surface from UV light, resists scratches, and protects the car from stones Crushed and iron filings.
  • The product is water-resistant and high-gloss warvey because it leaves on the surface of the car a wax effect that prevents the access of water and moisture to the surface of the car, and restores the car's cleanliness and shine.
  • The new ceramic coating resists scratching due to its strong efficacy, and the coating can be used on the surface to protect the car's paint.
  • After coating, it leaves a clean, clear layer of anti-fog protection on the lens, and can be applied daily to the glass for clear, powerful vision.

Advantages of car paint to polish and remove scratches

Car paint to polish and remove scratches eliminates any scratches that affect the car, and restores the glossy touch to your car as if it was new, and its following features:

  • Manufactured with nano-ceramic coating technology with the latest technology and easy to use.
  • It keeps the car clean for a long time, eliminating all scratches, stickers, dirt and debris very effectively.
  • It provides a deep cleaning of the car and increases its shine by anti-corrosion and fighting the effect of overheating, eliminating the effects of dust and acid rain.
  • Safe on all surfaces, it is suitable for exterior and interior use of the car, and has no damage to fabric, finished leather, glass, plastic, rubber, metal and wood.

car paint benefits

The car paint product is very effective and has a high ability to get rid of all scratches, and helps in cleaning all the interior and exterior parts of the car and does not harm the interior fabric of the chairs, whether they are made of cloth or leather. On the contrary, it leaves a waxy layer that revives all parts of the car and keeps it clean. Glossy for a long time.

Car Paint Bottle Components

Car Scratch Removal Paint removes all stickers and dirt and keeps the car in packages of different sizes, which are as follows:

  • 30mm package and 45gm weight.
  • The bottle is 100ml and has a weight of 120g.

method the use

Car paint can be used to polish and remove scratches by following simple steps to get a new shiny shiny car as follows:

  • The area to be painted is cleaned, then the area is dried thoroughly.
  • Then the cream is poured onto a piece of sponge.
  • A piece of sponge saturated with cream is passed over the surface of the car.
  • Within 4 minutes, the cream is absorbed, then wipe the surface with a soft cotton towel.

20.52 USD
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