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Car cleaner to hide and polish car scratches

9.45 USD

Car cleaner to hide and polish car scratches

Paint to hide car scratches and polish it is one of the most important things that a car owner needs to maintain the appearance of his car, which increases its beauty, and the spray product helps to permanently get rid of scratches on the car body, in addition to making it appear shiny and shiny.

Definition of a car cleaner to hide and polish car scratches

Car Scratch Masking and Polishing Paint is an effective car dent repair and polishing material that is designed to restore the original luster and color of your vehicle, the paint components can quickly fill in blemishes in the car and repair paint dents on any part of the car body.

When you purchase the product you can remove surface oxide film, stubborn dirt, paint spots, burrs, color and glossy paint again.

Old paint can be quickly removed from all types of cars in depth and scratch primer.

Information and specifications of a car cleaner to hide and polish car scratches

A paint product to hide and polish the car scratches comes with many specifications that attract the customer to use it in order to return the original color and shape of the car.

Package weight: 15 grams.

Material: slope wax

Abrasive sponge dimensions: 7cm x 3cm x 1.5cm

Use of materials: car exterior scratch remover.

Features of paint to hide car scratches and polish

Paint to hide and polish car scratches is a key factor in concealing car scratches and polishing, and it is recommended that you always have it in your car’s governorate. It is one of the Polish car care accessories that can be used anywhere or at any time and the result of its use is very effective and fast, and its most important features are the following:

100% brand new and high quality.

Effective in repairing paint scratches and polishing and protecting the surface of the car.

Coming in a lightweight and easy-to-use package, this product can be used anytime and anywhere.

It does not cause any harm or damage to the surface of the car paint, removes light scratches that occurred in the paint, and permanently eliminates all kinds of stubborn stickers such as tar and glue.

It is suitable for all makes and models of cars and does not damage surfaces, but rather preserves them and restores their original color immediately.

The product has satisfied all users and its price is suitable for them.

Product ingredients

It is a high-quality product because it consists of excellent materials that do not harm the surface of the car, but rather preserve it. The product comes in a convenient, lightweight package. It can be stored in the car's wallet for use anywhere and at any time. It is very suitable and effective in getting rid of all scratches that affect The car, and it restores the surface to the original gloss, and the box includes: 1 set x car scratch repair compound.

Benefits of using the product

The most amazing, fashionable and high quality car paint product in the world.

It does not hurt the paint surface when removing light scratches in the paint.

It is recommended to try it on the side of removing car paint from light scratches.

It has an effective effect in polishing the car and restoring its luster again.

Restores your car to its original color when it is new.

How to use

The use of a paint to hide and polish a car scratch is very easy and fast-acting and permanently eliminates scratches and increases the luster of the car, it is only recommended to try it next to the car first, then a part of the putty is placed on the attached sponge and the paste is passed on the surface of the car gently, and then the material fills the scratches that hit the car, and increase its luster.


9.45 USD
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