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Car case that keeps food hot for the office and the car

47.25 USD

Product Features:

  • The food container is very versatile, as you can use it to preserve food at home or in the refrigerator, or during trips or work.
  • It can preserve food and maintain its temperature for a long time.
  • In the event that food is left inside for a long time, whether during travel or the like, you can heat it inside by its heat knob and connect it to the electrical current.
  • It has the feature of heating, and keeping food temperature at the same time.
  • Made of the highest quality reinforced, durable food-grade plastic that does not retain any of the food's taste, smell or color.
  • Equipped with four locking switches, on each side for increased control of food preservation and long-term temperature stability.
  • easy to clean
  • It has a sturdy handle for easy carrying anywhere
  • It is very safe to operate, and it does not consume high electricity.
  • You can use it daily and continuously.
  • It is safe to preserve food and does not cause it to spoil or change its taste and smell.
  • It is not affected by the weather, and can be used in the winter in a continuous manner

How to use and product warnings:

  • The product is used by placing foods inside the box in a system, avoiding food contact with the edges of the box to avoid air entry

Or disable the process of tight locking the box.

  • While using it to heat food, you can use it at a small temperature to keep food fresh.
  • Safe for daily use, because it saves energy and does not affect food.
  • Heating time depends on the amount of rice and vegetables and the internal temperature.
  • When food is placed in the refrigerator, the heating time should be extended properly.
  • Please pull out the power cord before eating

Product information:

  • The food container has an internal divider to expand the dining space and organize it more
  • The capacity of the box is 600ml, which is enough space to keep several foods, for travel or work.
  • Easily detachable inner box, including 450ml capacity.
  • Power: 40W
  • Car plug working voltage: 12V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Color: Pink / Orange / Blue / Green

47.25 USD
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