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Built-in car armrest with storage box, tools organizer and mobile charger in multiple positions

73.98 USD

Exquisite design car armrest high-quality stainless steel telescopic bracket, card position can be adjusted freely, humanized design practical and comfortable beautifully and pleasantly built-in high-elasticity soft foam that does not collapse using environmentally friendly high rebound, effectively relieve the Long time driving elbow pressure pain. Environmentally friendly leather design, comfortable and breathable, effectively relieve elbow fatigue, especially comfortable

car armrest specification

  • Material: Made of PU leather and ABS plastic, soft and comfortable for hands.
  • Metal Hardware Accessories
  • Precision sewing mechanics
  • Precision and stability

Car seat features

  • Car seat cushion made of PU leather and ABS plastic, soft and comfortable for hands.
  • Premium Material Adjustable Elbow Adjust to the most comfortable height and provide elbow support, to help relieve the fatigue of long-distance driving.
  • Compatible with most cars, such as SUV, car without handbrake, etc.

car armrest uses

  • Car Kickstand with Large Storage Space: Small things can be collected in the car, such as wallets, smartphones, keys, cigarettes, coins, credit cards, sunglasses, pens, etc.
  • Say goodbye to clutter, prevent items from falling into the gap and make the car clean and orderly, no problem driving
  • The car armrest has a USB interface, which is equipped with a data line of about one meter in length, connect the data line to the interface of the armrest box, and all kinds of mobile phones can be gently charged.
  • Universal car armrest suitable for most car models on the market, relieve the driver's long-term fatigue, a new upgrade, easy to carry and place, easy to store, easy to use
  • It does not damage the original car body, is easy to install and unload, and does not affect the use of the hand brake gears

customer reviews

First opinion: A very practical, soft and comfortable car seat of high quality, very comfortable while traveling

Second opinion: It is a wonderful product that saved me from the clutter in the car and organizes everything I want

common questions

Will you work on a travel car without a handbrake?

Answer: Yes, it slides between the center console and your seat

73.98 USD
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