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BOBO BIRD . Men's Quartz Wooden Watch

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BoBo Bird . Men's Quartz Wooden Watch

BoBo BIRD Men's Quartz Wooden Watch is a modern men's wristwatch that has a personality with elegant wood grain trims, durable rusting steel and quartz wood gives a casual look for men.

Definition of Men's Quartz Wooden Watch from BoBo Bird

The quartz watch for men from BoBo BIRD is characterized by an attractive shape that suits young men and businessmen, and increases the elegance and luxury of the man, and can be used at all times and occasions, morning and evening, and is suitable for meetings and formal parties, and it comes with a distinctive and wonderful design of elegant elegant wood carvings, and these inscriptions are engraved manually At the hands of a skilled maker who is perfect for his work, and expresses the personality of the wearer in a modern and sophisticated style, the watch is made by BoBo Bird, which makes it high quality and comes with a quartz movement, which increases the accuracy in measuring time, and the watch is a valuable gift for birthdays and occasions of excellence and success, as it is Suitable for Valentine's Day.

Information and specifications of a quartz watch for men from BoBo Bird

BoBo Bird produces a quartz wooden watch for men with many specifications that have attracted many men to use them at all times, including the following:

  • The watch is designed in a modern and sophisticated style.
  • It has engraved wood carvings so it is very special.
  • One of its features is that it is lightweight and very comfortable on the wearer's wrist.
  • The wood carvings were handcrafted by skilled artisans.
  • It has a quartz movement with imported Japanese technology, ensuring energy saving, quiet sensing and long life.
  • The design of the wooden watch highlights its accuracy and beauty, with a sophisticated design with modern techniques that reflect the personal style of men.
  • It matches all colors of clothes and shows more chic and elegance.

clock components

The watch comes in a watch box and has several basic parts, which can be clarified in the following:

  • The watch box is made of bamboo wood, the case looks elegant, modern and upscale.
  • In the box there is a user manual for the watch.
  • The watch comes with a warranty, and the watch is guaranteed for life by BoBo BIRD.

In addition, it is of high quality because it is made of imported materials from durable steel that resists rust and scratches. It is not recommended for those who enjoy water sports. The watch is equipped with three hands, gold-coloured, and has a precise graduation. Contributes to determining the exact time.

Features of Men's Quartz Wooden Watch from BoBo Bird

  • The watch is lightweight, made of red and black sandalwood, and is not coated with chemicals.
  • Hypoallergenic on the wrist with luminous indices, and separate chronograph functions.
  • Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Bobo Bird Case diameter up to 1.73".
  • Case thickness: 0.47 in.
  • Band width: 0.86 in.
  • The watch has a Japanese quartz movement which is water resistant, but it is not recommended for use when swimming.

Benefits of the watch

  • A wooden watch for men is used to accurately determine the time due to the presence of finely crafted metal indices, and the presence of a Japanese quartz movement.
  • The watch comes with an elegant and distinctive design with innovative and delicate wood carvings, which increases the luxury of the man, and it is suitable for all times, work, parties and trips.
  • The watch is suitable for young men and the elderly, and can be given as a gift on various occasions.

How to use

Although the quartz watch for men from BoBo BIRD is distinguished by its beauty and accuracy, we find that it also works efficiently and with high accuracy, due to the Japanese quartz movement, and the presence of accurate metal indicators, and can be relied upon in attending meetings and official occasions, it truly reflects the style of personality.

57.78 USD 59.03 USD
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