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Black eyeliner 1x2 waterproof print and drawing

9.18 USD

As a black seal eyeliner wingless, makeup water resistant, stain - resistant pen, identify eye fluid long - lasting pens are given to determine the eye of your eyes especially attractive.

Black eyeliner specifications

  • Specifications: Color: black
  • Weight: 2.5 grams
  • Model: Triple Seal

Black eyeliner features

  • Black eyeliner The curve on each stamp provides a quick natural cat eye look
  • WATERPROOF AND SMOKE RESISTANT - Our makeup formula with candela wax and carnauba wax dries fast and has a strong hold. You can be confident that panda eyes will not be there. Use your favorite eye makeup remover or facial cleanser oil to easily remove eyeliner in seconds.
  • Black eyeliner Each pencil has two tips, one end of the stamp and the other has a very fine tip to precisely define the rest of the eye. You can even use the liner volume as a stencil for more dramatic makeup
  • No dipping required, the ink is in the pen - no need for a messy brush and bowl to dip into. Liquid eyeliner is already in the pen and is very smooth to ensure color consistency
  • Anti-allergic lasting no bloom, waterproof, sweat-proof and oil-controlling; Silk Nourishing Ingredients + Microfiber + Vitamin E, All Day Makeup; Soft elastic design, not easy to bifurcate, showing soft and smooth eye lines; International leading refill technology, unique water storage flow features; It's a smooth, full glossy black eyeliner.

Black eyeliner uses

  • Use the seal in the corner of the eyes.
  • Create correctly perfect eyes in seconds.
  • Leave it to dry before flashing.
  • Eyeliner with 2-in-1 stamping design, you can easily create a perfect eye makeup, draw eyeliner simply and save time.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is wonderful, easy to use, makes my eyes beautiful and attractive

Second opinion: A very good black eyeliner that is anti-sweating and water-repellent. I really liked it

common questions

What colors are available from it?

Available in black color only

9.18 USD
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