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back tension belt

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Back tension belt for those who suffer from back pain frequently Great for those whose daily work requires sitting for long periods, which exposes the spine to curvature Works to put the spine in the correct shape

Back tension belt specification

  • Comfortable and breathable cotton material.
  • Quality in the industry
  • The adhesive tape is fully adjustable.
  • How to choose your right size:

Waistband length → size → appropriate waist width

94 → 70cm - 85cm → S

97 → 80cm - 95cm → M

100 → 90cm - 105cm → L

103 → 100cm -115cm → XL

106 → 110cm - 125cm → XXL

109 → 120cm - 135cm → XXXL

112 → 130cm - 145cm → XXXXL

Back tension belt features

  • Pulling back strap to prevent the pain of the back effectively, pull the shoulders and moderate spine, chest stretch, and have a significant impact on the neck or shoulder pain, back pain, bone pain, sagging shoulders and feeling lazy.
  • Exquisite streamlined design, perfectly fit the body curve, make you more stable and more comfortable.
  • The back tightening belt is easy to adjust and use, precise stitching and made of high quality fabric. Multiple sizes to suit everyone

Back belt uses

  • Invisible wear, wear it inside the jacket does not bother you, correct posture at any time and place.
  • It is easy to use and has a side pull-on belt and has an adhesive seal for a secure fit.
  • It facilitates muscle relaxation and makes you feel comfortable during any exertion. Back pain disappears using the back belt.
  • Preferred to use the back strap when practicing sports for those who suffer from spinal pain
  • Warnings

1- Do not wash the belt with hot water.

2- Please do not use any additives while washing.

3- Do not put the belt in the washer dryer.

customer reviews

First opinion: A great and very comfortable product. I wear it while working and while exercising. It gives my back great comfort

Second opinion: The back tightening belt is really excellent, high quality material, easy to use, practical and comfortable, I recommend it

common questions

How do I wear a back belt?

Wear it like a backpack, there is a side belt that pulls around the belly and it has an adhesive to seal the closure.

17.55 USD
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