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Attractive multi-colored backpack

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women's backpack

Women's backpack is one of the distinguished women's bags, used for many purposes, multiple colors and very practical as you can wear it at all times, characterized by durability and sophistication, with a unique design, multiple pockets and an appropriate number of zippers to ensure that things are not lost, bright colors that please onlookers.

Product Introduction Women's Backpack

The bag is made of fabric, durable to the extreme, characterized by multiple pockets, you can wear it in many places, it can take all your personal belongings from a laptop, tablet or smart device and many other purposes, as its size can accommodate many purposes, characterized by its many attractive colors that work on Draw her attention.

Product Description

  • Bag material: Made of fabric
  • Available colors: green - red - yellow - black - ginger color.
  • Bag weight: 720 g
  • Pockets: one inner pocket - one front pocket - two side pockets - one main pocket.
  • Zipper: It has 4 zipper pockets
  • Bag dimensions: about 33 x 1505 x 42 cm

Features of a women's backpack

  • The bag is characterized by the fact that it suits all the different tastes of teenage women.
  • It is suitable for different casual clothes.
  • It is suitable for carrying on picnics and trips with family or friends, at school or university, as well as on weekends and travel times.
  • It is made of heavy-duty fabric, made to the highest quality.
  • The bag features a multi-pocket design to accommodate all your essentials without worrying about it.
  • It has strong, wide hands to work on the comfort of the back when carrying it.


  • A women's backpack should not be kept with other bags inside the closet, so put the bag in a cloth or plastic bag with the provisions of the bag closed, and it is preferable to deal with that bag with all your other bags to preserve it.
  • The bag should not touch the ground dirty during use.
  • You should not eat any food or drink any drink on the bag so that the bag is not exposed to stains and dirt that are difficult to clean.
  • You should not put any symptoms on the bag as it will not be damaged.
  • You should not put make-up tools inside the bag, as they are exposed to dirt that is difficult to remove.
  • Do not put objects larger than the size of the bag, as they will not be torn.

How to use a women's backpack

  • You can wear a women's backpack to school if you are a student, or wear it to college.
  • You can wear it with casual clothes to add a touch of beauty to your look and beauty.
  • You can wear it on trips and outings due to the beauty of its unique design and colors.

97.74 USD
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