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Armrest for elbow and joint support

18.67 USD

The armrest is specially designed to support the joint and elbow when using the computer for long periods.

armrest specification

  • Comes with simple parts, measuring 12*15.24*5.08 cm and color.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • It is adjustable and can be used for the right or left arm.
  • It is made of high quality materials and the outer surface is made of soft leather for wrist comfort.
  • Equipped with a ball joint that can rotate at 180 degrees.
  • The armrest is stable when the arm rests on it, which provides complete comfort for the wrist.
  • The armrest is lightweight which makes it easy to carry the computer bag.

armrest features

  • The armrest is very effective in eliminating elbow and wrist pain when using a computer and mouse for long periods, especially for those whose nature of work depends mainly on the use of the device.
  • The armrest reduces pressure on the wrist, relieves stress on the muscles and tendons of the neck and reduces fatigue.
  • It is movable to fit the position of the joint at 180 degrees that a person can use for the right or left arm, and is able to bear the weights of the arms safely.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, and it has a backing made of ABS and rests the arm on a soft layer of leather that is very comfortable.
  • The armrest has a streamlined design and is characterized by the quality of materials and quality of workmanship.

armrest uses

  • Intended for wrist and elbow support when using a computer keyboard and mouse for extended periods.
  • Adjustable armrest for the laptop and reduces the feeling of arm or wrist pain as a result of working too much on the computer. It reduces the occurrence of inflammation in the wrist as a result of using the mouse.
  • Its surface area is adequate to accommodate arm and wrist size.
  • Made with modern technologies that are convenient to use, it has many features that contribute effectively to wrist and elbow comfort when working on a computer.  

customer reviews

First opinion: The armrest is very comfortable for the wrist and elbow when using the computer for long periods. I no longer suffer from pain while using the computer for a long time.

Second opinion: I was suffering from inflammation in the wrist as a result of using the mouse, and after using this armrest it helped relieve the pain.

common questions

  • Does his space comfortably accommodate an arm?

Its surface area is suitable to accommodate arm and wrist size very comfortably.

  • Is it movable I can use it for the right and left arm?

Movable to fit the joint position at 180 degrees, one can use it for the right or left arm.

18.67 USD
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