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Air purifying humidifier with beautiful aroma for home and office

34.29 USD

A humidifier to purify the air with beautiful aromas suitable for the home and office is a device that purifies the air and leaves a beautiful smell.

Description of Air Purifying Humidifier with Beautiful Aroma

The humidifier with beautiful aromas is a small device that purifies the air and perfumes it with very beautiful aromas.

Features of a humidifier to purify the air with beautiful aromas

Some of the features that are found in a humidifier to purify the air with beautiful aromas:

  • Brand: Deerma (Xiaomi brand)
  • Size: The size of the device is small, as the height of the device is similar to the height of a mobile phone, which makes it easy to navigate.
  • Device capacity: The device has a medium capacity of 185 ml and is sufficient for a lot of time, as it may last for more than two days, and the power of the device is 2 watts.
  • The design of the device: The shape and design of the device is very modern, it is elegant cylindrical in shape and consists of two parts, the upper part is white with a circular button in the middle of it is yellow and the lower part is transparent so that you can see the water that is inside it and the device gives an aesthetic appearance anywhere put in
  • Colors: The color available for the device is white only and there are no other colors for it.
  • The material the device is made of: The device is made of ABS + PP materials, so the device is durable and strong and withstands shocks at an acceptable rate.
  • Mobility with the device: It is easy to move a humidifier to purify the air with beautiful aromas from one place to another with ease, due to its small size, similar to a mobile phone, as it can be placed in a handbag or backpack and travel
  • How it works: The device is powered by electric power by charging it with the USB connection that comes with it and the USB cord located at the top of the device hidden inside it. It can be found when lifting this part in order to preserve the wire and protect it from loss in addition to not distorting the shape of the device The device looks smaller in size and does not take up much space.
  • The device is very convenient and indispensable at home, as it enables you to relax and follow aromatherapy with ease.
  • The top of the device can be removed and filled with water and your favorite perfume whenever needed.

Suggestions for using a humidifier to purify the air with beautiful scents

There are many suggestions for using a humidifier to purify the air with beautiful aromas, as it is an essential device that should be in every home. Here are some suggestions for using the device:

  • First: Using the device at home in order to purify and perfume the air, as it makes the house smell beautiful and fragrant all the time. It is preferable to put more than one device in the house, each room with a separate device.
  • Second: Take the device to the office or to the workplace in general.
  • Third: The device can be taken on trips and travel.
  • Fourth: Putting the device in the private car, as it always makes it smell special instead of the bad smell of dust and gasoline.
  • Fifth: The device can be used in aromatherapy, it will be very effective.
  • Sixth: A humidifier to purify the air with beautiful aromas helps to relax and sleep by applying calm or relaxing perfumes.

Deerma brand (Xiaomi cooperation brand)

ABS + PP . material

the color is white

Capacity 185ML

Rated power 2W

dBm ≤30dB

Fog amount 25 - 30mL/h

74 x 143mm

34.29 USD
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