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Air Pods 1/2 Mobile Case with Box for iPhone

AirPods 3 2

7.83 USD

The best iPhone cases, a silicone cover for your iPhone, and also includes the best cases for your unique iPhone, earbuds cover, and one bag to carry your phone and headphones in an attractive, elegant and high quality manner

Features of the best iPhone cases

  • The best anti-scratch and anti-slip iPhone cases Flexible and shock-resistant elastomers provide the perfect balance and protect against scratches and bumps Anti-slip details on both sides prevent the best iPhone cases from slipping and protect them from damage.
  • Perfect fit for the earbuds, perfectly matches the shape of your Airpods, fits very snugly but not overly tight.
  • The best protective iPhone cases made of high-quality soft silicone, no odor, scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, anti-slip and durable
  • The Best iPhone Cases are a one-stop bag for everything The built-in Air Pods case provides protection for both your phone and Air Pods.
  • Never make the mistake of putting your airs on again - keep them with your phone at all times, they're perfect for the gym.
  • Multiple and distinctive colors to suit all tastes

Uses of the best iPhone cases

  • Ultra-Soft Liquid Silicone Material - Provides great protection for your devices and feels super soft on your hands Now it's hard to leave your phone aside Easy to hold your phone and earphone while doing sports and running
  • Best iPhone Cases Comprehensive Protection Soft liquid silicone outer material for shock absorption even the softest microfiber inside that hugs your phone at all times.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is really the best iPhone case that combines my phone and my Air Pods, I can easily carry them while exercising and running

Second opinion: It is a very durable, high-quality case that feels soft and at the same time does not slip easily, one of the most beautiful tires I have purchased

common questions

  • Is the iPhone cover against shocks?

Yes, shockproof. Made of a soft outer material of liquid silicone for shock absorption and microfiber inner that hugs and protects your phone at all times.

7.83 USD
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