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acrylic makeup organizer

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acrylic makeup organizer

Acrylic makeup organizer is one of the smart and distinguished ideas, through which women can save all makeup tools, accessories and jewelry, which are known to be expensive, in addition to makeup of all kinds and shapes, which need a large space to maintain it correctly so as not to damage it, which works to save large areas in your hair. To put perfume and other personal items.

Product Introduction

Acrylic makeup organizer is characterized by an aesthetic shape that you can place anywhere as it has an elegant decorative shape, it has many drawers that are easy to open, you can keep all your tools and cosmetics in it, it can accommodate a large number of products, it makes it easy to find your things without feeling bothered, you can also Arrange and organize it however you like, it has top slots and spaces so you can put bulky things in them.

Product description of acrylic makeup organizer

Acrylic make-up among you is one of the products that have been manufactured and designed cleverly and is considered one of the finest organizers and boxes for organizing make-up, made of transparent acrylic material, up to 14 cm thick, and weighing about 910 grams, multi-drawers with a slot on the bottom and top, it will save spaces For you, you can keep all your personal items in it

Product Features

  • The acrylic makeup organizer features many drawers made of high-quality acrylic, suitable for all purposes Nine many purposes.
  • It has a compact, easy-to-use design for storing just about anything.
  • It is characterized by a transparent color that matches all types of decor in your room.
  • Also suitable for storing nail polish, jewelry and accessories.

Acrylic makeup organizer warnings

  • Do not use makeup removal wipes to clean the organizer as they discolor the acrylic and make it appear darker.
  • Do not use cleaning products that contain ammonia because the regulator will not corrode, and it will also change the color of the acrylic.
  • Madam, you must have detergents that contain halogen, other products, acetone, compounds intended for drying the kitchen, perfumes, stain removers from windows, solvents such as benzene, tetrachloride, because all of these substances corrode acrylic, which leads to damage to the regulator.

How to use acrylic makeup organizer

  • Use a damp cloth soaked in any type of dish detergent or soap to remove makeup from the organizer.
  • Use a dedicated product to polish your acrylic makeup organizer and use a microfiber towel to dry it so it will last longer.
  • Use a product such as NOVUS that cleans and does not damage acrylic.
  • You can use only water to clean the regulator without having to use any detergents if it is just a little dust.
  • Madam, you must deal with the regulator while cleaning it gently and very carefully so as not to be scratched, as it is known that acrylic is quick to scratch.

54 USD
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