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A warmer for a baby milk carton powered by a USB port that maintains the temperature of the liquid

13.23 USD

Warmer pod for baby milk carton

A warmer pod for a baby milk box is one of the modern inventions that has helped many mothers solve the problem of heating milk for breastfeeding. You can carry it anywhere and use it without feeling any trouble in preparing milk outside the home, to delight your child by preparing it anytime he wants his favorite girlfriend.

Product Introduction

A warmer pouch that you can carry anywhere and use, through the USB connection or through the power bank, you can heat the milk and control the degree of heating through the thermometer of the device, which will tell you the current level of the milk, and there is no need to be embarrassed to ask to prepare your baby's milk when you visit someone.

Product Description :

Material: polyester

Heating method: USB

Voltage: 5V

Power: 8mAh

Size: 26 x 14 cm / 10.2 x 5.5 inches

Weight: approx 50g

Description of Warmer pod for baby milk carton

The case is completely safe, you can use it anywhere, it is an ideal device that helps you prepare milk for your child and warm it when you want, the device has a bag made of fabric that is comfortable to the touch and your hands, you can easily put it in the bag, and it is leak-proof.

Product Features

It has a soft-touch, durable casing that is difficult to tear easily.

It is characterized by the fact that you can charge it at any time through a portable charger or through a laptop.

The case features a multi-colored delightful for children.

Designed with a fully insulated and leak-proof design, it also features a sturdy handle for carrying.

The warmer pod for the baby milk box has the feature of heating and heating the milk when needed

It is characterized by being suitable for all types, shapes and sizes of different milk bottles

Baby milk carton warmer pod warnings

The case should not be washed while it is inside the electrical circuit, or the case should be directly exposed to water while using it, as the case will not be damaged.

The case should be disconnected from the electrical connection immediately after use, so as not to damage the case.

How to use

If the warmer pod fabric for the baby’s milk carton gets dirty at any time, you can open the zipper in the pod and remove the electrical circuit, then wash the cloth very easily for your child’s safety and health, and after making sure it is completely dry, return the electrical circuit again and use it again again and so.

13.23 USD
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