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A silicone brush for rubbing the body and cleaning it during the shower does not cause scratches and does not change with water

6.75 USD

Brush silicon to clean the body brush cleaning shower, massage spa tool for skin care, sensitive skin and all skin types, cleaner bathing, long - lasting, comfortable massage shower deep clean and revitalize your skin.

Features of silicone brush

  • The silicone brush is made of high quality silicone that is foldable, gently crafted, great quality and durable. Besides, it is easy to wash and dry. Massage the body and promote blood circulation.
  • The silicone brush has double sides with different scrubber pads exfoliating texture without being too rough while the other side is smooth to promote blood circulation and massage.
  • The straps make it easy to access the lower back
  • The silicone body brush is designed to replace the traditional sponge/brush. It is made of silicone material that is easy to clean, quick drying, and leaves no residue. Make it 35 times more hygienic than other brushes

silicone brush uses

  • Effective Cleaning The silicone bath back scrub can be used for arms, armpits, legs and neck helps to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin , while helping to eliminate many skin diseases.
  • The soft, gentle silicone brush is suitable for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin. There is no irritation or injury when brushing your body with our shower brush. The silicone material is also acid-resistant and can be used with essential oils.
  • The body exfoliation brush has two different types of bristles that are reasonably distributed in the parts of the silicone shower brush to ensure proper pressure on the lymph and meridians
  • Gently exfoliates pores and removes dirt and body oils. The brush surface area is very suitable, save your time and energy when cleaning your body.
  • The silicone bath brush gives you a comfortable massaging feeling when you use it to rub your body, perfect for relaxing muscles, relieving tension, promoting blood circulation and increasing skin elasticity. This natural silicone bath brush will be an essential part of your bathroom

customer reviews

The first opinion: I used to suffer from the traditional body brush because it quickly deteriorates, but after using a silicone brush, I no longer suffer, as it is great and lasts

Second opinion: Great product, it is not only a body cleaning brush, but also a massage and relaxation brush

common questions

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is very suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause skin irritation

6.75 USD
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