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A set of cream and sponge to remove scratches from the car body / 2 boxes + 2 sponges

6.75 USD

Car Scratch Remover is designed to repair car dents in an easy, fast and convenient way; Removes dents without causing damage to your car's paint.

Features of car scratch remover

  • Professional Scratch Removal A car scratch repair compound designed to restore original luster and color. Its decomposition activity grinds sand, and filler components can be quickly filled after decomposition and repair paint scratches. It is easy to remove surface oxide film, stubborn dirt, paint stains, burrs, glossy film and color again.
  • Car scratch remover works on small and light scratches, it can also clean stubborn accessories etc. Effective car scratch remover at an affordable price.
  • The car scratch remover does not chemically react with the car paint. The car paint surface is prepared. So it can repair the scratches without affecting the original car paint, and it does not contain any dyestuff completely. It will never leave any other color on your car's original paint, which means no color difference.

car scratch remover uses

  • Car scratch remover is suitable for cars of any color. The car scratch remover does not differentiate between colors. Can be with any car color, but please make sure there is no paint protection film. Does not work with deep and large scratches such as Expose Primer, black plastic, large area primer or clear nozzle while touching the hand.
  • EASY AND QUICK REPAIR: Simply wipe the scratch area and remove dirt, wax and iron rust. Squeeze a sufficient amount of cream onto the sponge. Use a sponge to rub the scratch until the scratches are gone. Then wipe the wax cream, this technique saves you a lot of time and money and keeps your car bright and clean.

customer reviews

First opinion: Great product, easy to use, practical and comfortable

Second opinion: Really cool, I fix the scratches of my car and my wife's car, too. It is suitable for any color of the car

common questions

Is this product easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use, very practical and convenient

6.75 USD
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