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A Pair of Adult Self Heating Knee Support for Arthritis Pain Relief

8.91 USD

Knee Support Relieves Knee Pain for Women and Men (Pair), Knee Braces, Fixed Covers for Weight Lifting, Running, Aerobics, Knee Support Relieves Pain and Arthritis.

knee support specifications

Available in the following sizes:

  • M (suitable for leg circumference: 30-39cm (suitable for weight about 40-60kg)
  • L (suitable for leg circumference: 40-47cm (suitable for weight about 60-75kg)
  • XL (suitable for leg circumference: 48-55cm (suitable for weight about 75kg-95kg)

Knee support features

  • KNEE SUPPORT MAKES YOU AWAY FROM PAIN - With premium innovative knee brace, quickly relieve pain from muscle stiffness, arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, meniscus, ACL, MCL and PCL. The sleeves are also meant to help you recover faster from cramping and fatigue and protect runners by improving circulation and oxygen delivery. Compression also protects you by keeping you ahead in injury prevention.
  • The Knee Support is designed to give you the best muscle support and joint stability while allowing a full range of leg movement.
  • These basics provide stable support and compression across your knee joint, and stabilize the anterior cruciate ligament ligaments while holding your kneecap in the proper position. They come in different sizes to provide optimal support for each size.

knee support uses

  • Conveniently Versatile Knee Support - Use them anytime, anywhere, anywhere Take them to the gym, to work, to use during housework, while traveling, and even sitting at home.
  • The knee support is great for any activity that stresses your knees such as baseball, basketball, soccer, hiking, running, cycling, tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, exercise , soccer, fitness training, and squats.
  • DURABLE AND MODERN KNEE SUPPORT - With our breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking and soft fabric, you've found the perfect knee wrap that doesn't itch or chafe.

customer reviews

First opinion: A great product to wear while exercising and running to prevent pain

Second opinion: The knee support relieves a lot of arthritis pain Really a high quality product

common questions

Does its rough texture cause itching?

No, quite the contrary, it is soft, sweat-absorbent and very comfortable

8.91 USD
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