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A mobile holder inside the car based on the CD slot 360° rotation

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Best car phone holder good quality and easy to install 360 degree car CD slot fits most smartphones.

Features of the best car phone holder

  • This best car phone holder is perfect for mounting cell phones or portable GPS devices for easy navigation and hands-free use!
  • Car mobile holder converts the car's CD player slots into a convenient mounting location with a 360-degree rotatable head for easy movement and use, optimal viewing angle, and hands-free device control while allowing CD and music playback!

Uses of the best mobile phone holder for the car

  • Compatible with most smartphones Mounts easily to the bottom and sides of your device using padded plastic mounts, creating the ultimate in automatic high-grip dashboard cradle that can be removed quickly with the easy one-touch release button!
  • A great gift idea for a friend or lover Easy to use Practical and convenient

customer reviews

  • First opinion: If you own a car with a CD slot, there can be no better phone holder than this. It's powerful, extremely useful, and beautifully designed. It does not obstruct the vent hole, it does not slip or slip out by any chance, once the mobile is kept in the slot, it fits there perfectly, easy to take out the mobile phone just by pressing a button if you want, a window has been installed that is given to insert the charging cable from lower.
  • Second opinion: Writing this after using one week, you simply wasted money on many useless cell phone holders. But in the end I got the best product. It has a nice grip that holds the phone and is easy to remove. A button is given to eject the mobile phone.

common questions

  • How does it work off-road with mobile?

It holds up on all terrains. It has been used for a year, it fits well in the CD slot and does not fall off. So far so good compared to most products.

  • I want to attach this to my car Can it turn left and right?

Yes, it can rotate in both directions

22.95 USD 24.84 USD
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