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A luxurious and elegant women's wrist watch inlaid with gold-plated lobes

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Women's wrist watch, studded with gold-plated lobes

A women's wrist watch studded with gold-plated lobes is the latest fashion in women's watches, as it adds to women a new and distinctive look, and watches are one of the most important pieces of accessories that women seek to acquire, as they help them identify the time, and modern watches combine accuracy and beauty of form. In keeping with the fashion trends.

Definition of a women's wristwatch studded with gold-plated lobes A women's wrist watch inlaid with lobes plated in a delicate gold color that is suitable for wearing at all times, as it was made with a wonderful design of durable stainless steel and adorned with a bezel studded with white zircon lobes and coated with gold water, in order to acquire a distinctive color, which increases the luxury and elegance of the watch For those who wear it, the watch works with extreme precision through a precise quartz movement, and is equipped with a durable metal bracelet coated in gold or silver overlapping with gold in order to obtain more diversity and difference. The watch is also characterized by a good degree of water resistance, but it is not recommended to wear it while diving or swimming, The watch is equipped with gold-tone indexes for added sparkle.

Information and specifications of a women's wrist watch, studded with gold-plated lobes

A women's wrist watch inlaid with gold-plated lobes has specifications that make it the most suitable for any woman looking for elegance and luxury, as it is characterized by the following:

● The watch is made of high quality materials. It has a sturdy stainless steel case and is studded with very delicate and beautiful lobes to add more luxury to the wearer's look.

● The watch works very accurately in determining the time.

● The watch is equipped with an interchangeable gold-plated metal bracelet, similar to a watch made of gold in its elegance.

● There are three different and distinctive colors from the courier frame that can be worn on all types and colors of clothing, whether casual or soiree, which saves women from buying several watches for every occasion.

clock components

The watch consists of three main parts:

● A thin case made of durable materials with a white dial with a metallic exterior decorated with zirconium lobes to add a charming touch to the watch

● A rectangular metal bracelet with a suitable length and a clasp to close tightly and easily, and the bracelet comes with a design of interlacing links and is plated in gold or a combination of gold and silver so that it can be worn at all times

● Inner gears and teeth made of ceramic or stainless steel, to ensure the quality and accuracy of the movement, which extends the life of the watch.

● Three gold-plated metal hands with a delicate and distinctive gradation in a wonderful golden color.

Features of a women's wrist watch, studded with gold-plated lobes

A women's wrist watch studded with gold-coated lobes has many characteristics that any woman is looking for. Wrist watches are considered one of the essential pieces in women's accessories, especially when going out, and during work. Among the most prominent of these characteristics are:

The dial is square in shape with an elegant metal frame decorated with zirconium lobes.

● Movement High-precision quartz movement in determining the time.

● The length of the bracelet is approximately 16 cm.

● The colors of the bracelet are golden and silver and an overlap between gold, silver, bronze and silver, which gives more diversity.

● The color of the scorpions is golden.

● Clamp type butterfly locking system.

● The length of the watch is about 199 cm.

● Weight approx 90 g.

● Water resistance is good but do not prefer diving and swimming.

Benefits of the watch

● A women's wrist watch is used to determine the time with extreme accuracy, using the distinctive quartz movement.

● The watch has an elegant and unique design, which allows it to be used as a unique accessory, adding to the beauty of the look and the elegance of women.

● The colors of the watch are in line with the different morning and evening looks of the woman.

How to use

A women's wrist watch inlaid with gold-plated lobes works with high efficiency and technology in determining the time through the movement of its indexes accurately, and it also has a long-lasting battery.

67.50 USD
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