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A link for iPhone Apple 3-in-1 devices that are installed in the charger port and add an audio input, AUX and an input to the charger

21.33 USD

Link charger and headphone adapter for iPhone Fast shipping slice shipping smart, resistant to oxidation and corrosion light weight and small size easy to carry anywhere

Specifications of the charger and headphone connection for the iPhone

  • Material:ABC + aluminum alloy
  • Technology: sandblasting + oxidation + laser carving
  • Color: Black / Silver / Red / Gold
  • Current: 2.0 Max.
  • Suitable for: Apple devices

Features of the charger and headphone connection for the iPhone

  • The connection is made of aluminum alloy, which is more resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Small size iPhone charger and headphone connection, easy to carry.
  • Listen to music, watch videos, use voice navigation or take calls while charging your phone at full speed

Uses of a charger and headphone connection for the iPhone

  • Unmatched Audio Quality: The 3.5mm Audio System is certified to meet Apple specifications, and is uniquely designed to ensure crisp, clear sound. Supports remote control and microphone from 3.5mm headphones
  • Note: When connecting wired earphone and iP digital earphone at the same time, it is preferred to use IP digital earphone. Wired earphone (with 3.5 mm jack) does not support calling function
  • iPhone Charger and Headphone Connector Designed specifically to connect to an iPhone, and certified to meet Apple specifications

customer reviews

  • First opinion: The quality and craftsmanship is amazing, works very well with the earphones and the only charging cone is that we can't use the microphone while using the 3.5mm jack, other than the product is very high quality and the openings are very precise.
  • Second opinion: I bought it for my iPhone 11, both ports (charging and earphone) work well, fast charging really cool, I highly recommend it

common questions

  • Is this link solid?

Yes, it is made of aluminum alloy, it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation

  • Is the link size small?

Yes, it is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry always

21.33 USD
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