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Wooden sunglasses for men and women

12.21 USD

Wooden sunglasses , if you are always looking for everything related to elegance and fashion, we come to you with glasses of the finest types that have won the admiration of many customers, get them through our store at an attractive price

Specifications of wooden sunglasses:

  • Target group : women and men .
  • Type : wooden sunglasses .
  • Number of colors available : 5 colors .
  • Weight : 32g
  • Lens width : 61 mm
  • Lens Length : 48 mm
  • Nose stent : 20 ml
  • Case Length : 143 mm
  • Arm Length : 145 mm
  • Body design : made of metal
  • Color : It comes in many different colors such as blue, orange, black, green and brown

Features of wooden sunglasses for men and women:

  • Wooden sunglasses , suitable for many face shapes and sizes, they are the perfect size
  • It has a support from the nose to keep it fixed for as long as possible on the face
  • You can wear it while going to work or the beach, it suits the most different summer looks
  • Sturdy and sturdy metal construction
  • It does not rust or fade and lose its elasticity with frequent wear
  • It has been selected more than once to guarantee you flexibility and superior practicality
  • It suits many tastes, whether it is for women or men
  • It is one of the finest and best gifts that you can give to your friends
  • Super-made and manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen in the world
  • Protects the eye from the arrival of any soil or various weather factors
  • Designed with a durable lens and an oil- and smudge-resistant process
  • The lens was carefully designed to protect the eye from any harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays, sunlight and white light
  • It has many great features and specifications that all customers require
  • It is very compact in size so that you can take it with you anywhere you go
  • Wooden sunglasses give you a distinct and different look as if you are a TV star
  • Its size and dimensions are distinctive to suit all face shapes
  • It can never be abandoned if you leave the house at noon

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12.21 USD
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