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Women's watch with a modern design with a leather strap from DOM

45.90 USD

Women's watch, DOM brand, with distinctive hands in bright colors, now available at an exclusive price on Fratose's store

watch specifications

  • The chicest women's watch brand, scorpions, in bright and beautiful colors. More than one color is available, and its colors are very distinctive.
  • It has a soft, thin, plain leather belt, original brand from DOM, with a shiny golden color that does not change color or fade to shine.
  • The watch frame is in a shiny golden color with a thin and elegant gold screw on the side to adjust the clock hands
  • Round watch with high quality glass that does not get dirty easily and is easy to wipe and clean
  • It has two small red arrows on the edge of a small circle with a distinctive shape drawn from the inside, a very classic and elegant drawing that takes the place of the clock.
  • There are also golden signs in place of the numbers, which makes it more distinguished and elegant, and when the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 there is a small crystal to distinguish.

Approximate specifications  

  • - Case diameter: 3.6cm
  • Case thickness: 0.75cm
  • Band width: 1.6cm
  • Full length: 18.3 cm

Features of a women's watch, brand DOM

  • DOM women's watch is available in more than one color (brown-orange-purple)
  • Its shape is very elegant and distinctive
  • Small and very thin, you can wear a cute and thin bracelet next to it that gives an elegant and attractive look
  • Made of the finest materials, making it the first choice for all your occasions
  • Fits all casual and classic clothes

Customer Reviews

A very elegant and elegant watch that is indispensable when I leave the house, very comfortable to use and practical.

common questions

  • Is the leather real?

Yes, original from the brand DOM

  • Is glass breakable?


45.90 USD
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