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A very strong stainless steel rope saw used for cutting trees and wood

5.13 USD

Information about stainless steel rope saw

It is used by many in the works that cut trees permanently, especially in forests where there are intensive trees, and many other different industries are also used, and the hand saw is very small and comfortable in use and of high quality and at a very suitable price for its manufactured quality.


  • Hand saw is very convenient and easy to use when cutting trees, especially huge trees, or doing wood chopping work.
  • Its weight is not heavy and fits its shape.
  • It can be carried with ease without any difficulty, especially while on the move or travelling.
  • Approximately 55 cm in length.
  • The scale of the hand saw is 21 grams.
  • It can be used in many handicrafts without being subjected to any kind of breakage.

customer reviews

A very accurate and quality product, very comfortable to use, and made of sturdy and strong tools.

5.13 USD
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