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ios, micro and type C three-pin charging cable

8.37 USD

Triple Cable You can now standardize your charging efforts across multiple platforms with Triple Cable. Building on the popularity of top-rated cables, we've combined this technology to simplify your life and give you the only cable you'll ever need to keep your devices charged!

Triple cable features

  • The unique interlocking design of the triple cable allows for easy switching between devices across multiple platforms whether in your home, office, or on the go
  • This high-quality triple cable combines fast and efficient charging with maximum durability, versatility, and portability. High Performance Triple Cable uses only the highest quality components, from oxygen-free copper conductors with insulation to specially designed conductors.
  • High performance triple cable only the highest quality components for increased strength, flexibility and durability.
  • The premium cable connector at each end is uniquely designed to flex and bend through repeated separation, travel, and storage.
  • Triple shielded cable under layers of wire, aluminum and mylar to reduce interference and provide stronger protection.

Triple cable uses

  • It can be used with a variety of devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, cameras, camcorders, game consoles, hard drives, e-readers, battery packs, printers, GPS devices and more!
  • You can benefit from the latest increase in speed when charging your USB C device. Precision engineered to provide a secure, reliable fit with any USB-C device.

customer reviews

First opinion: I've been using this cable for months and it worked great. I run through a variety of phones at work and this multifunctional cable makes life a lot easier. Previously I had one that was just a connection, having a USB C is even better.

Second opinion: I needed a cable that would provide multiple connections... I use it in my car... My wife's phone has a micro USB connector, my phone has the newer USB-C connector. This gave us the ability to only have one cable but we could still switch phones easily. Great product so far! very happy

common questions

Does this cable charge fast?

Yes, fast and durable shipping too

8.37 USD
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