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Quick-drying microfiber towel 70x140cm

11.88 USD

Quick-drying microfiber towel 70X140cm

Clothes towel, now get the best quick-drying clothes dryer, made of the best and finest fibers and materials that are very soft on the skin and ensure quick drying..

Towel specifications:

  • Product type: clothes towel.
  • Target group: men and women.
  • The towel material: Made of ultra-soft materials and fibers.
  • Towel size: It comes in a size of 140 * 70 cm.
  • Clothes towel net weight: 0.24 kg.

Towel features:

  • Made of the best materials and fibers that are very soft on the skin and do not cause skin irritation and sensitivity as a result of friction.
  • The clothes towel is large and convenient, drying a large portion at one time, ensuring fast drying.
  • The towel is very light and not heavy, which makes it easy to use for all age groups.
11.88 USD
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