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CIGA Design Z Watch Updated Version

414.72 USD

The latest types of watches are characterized by being modern, luxurious, durable for life, and superior strength that withstand the life of use and remain exceptional in appearance.

Features of the latest types of watches

  • The latest watches based on CIGA design, fully hollow shape, strong sense of metal and sharp lines, breaking the traditional design concept.
  • With the latest types of watches, we are deliberately daring, but rather stand out and express our personality. Seize every powerful moment and let it explode on your wrist. With the Z Series, you can hear the heartbeat of the machine.
  • Sculpted titanium ensures lifetime durability and superior strength, you can be assured of continued quality year after year.
  • The crystal has the exact chemical composition as natural sapphire, is the second hardest element known, is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and scratches and is the material we use on all of our watch faces. The mirror is second in hardness to diamond, and it can withstand a lifetime of use and still look exceptional.

Uses of the latest types of watches

  • The customized automatic movement means that it is your driving that powers our watches. Kinetic energy from your activities is harnessed and used to power mechanical movement. With a power reserve of up to 40 hours, the watch can be left at rest and keep going.
  • Food grade silicone strap and calf leather strap with flexible elastic and toxin-free construction. The original anti-sweat design provides ergonomic comfort, and the quick-change spring bar provides convenient attachment and removal of the belt.

customer reviews

First opinion: Absolute beauty, very elegant, light and cool The crocodile strap is a bit cheesy but you can get other straps.

Second Opinion: What a elegance now I understand why it has won so many awards, they have taken so much care of every detail and how important it is not to see you much anymore because beauty like this piece will have important value in a few more years, this watch It's simply gorgeous, precious wherever You see, it's a skeleton that I really like and makes people talk when using it.

common questions

What type of battery is required?

It does not use a battery everything is mechanical.

414.72 USD
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