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Luxurious women's bag

49.68 USD

 The most beautiful bag, to every woman or girl who wants to have a distinctive and different bag in order to give her a wonderful and distinctive look from any other bag she has ever seen, get it now through our store at an attractive price

Specifications of the most beautiful bag:

  • Target group: women
  • Type: The most beautiful women's bag
  • Body design: Made of leather
  • Number of colors: 4 colors
  • Size: 0.80 km
  • Material: Leather
  • Brand: Yili Jahren
  • Additions : A wallet with a leather shoulder that can be lengthened and shortened as needed, and the main bag
  • Color : Comes in black with mustard, burgundy and beige
  • Sizes : bag size,
  •  Width : 30 cm
  • Length : 27 cm
  • Height : 15 cm
  • wallet size:
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Width: 24 cm

Features of a luxury women's bag:

  •  The most beautiful bag , one of the best wonderful designs, which has gathered the admiration of many tastes
  • It is sturdy and practical due to the high quality materials it is made of
  • It has a wonderful design that enables you to carry it in a distinctive way and to control its length and shortness
  • The most beautiful women's bag is very wonderful and its colors are bright to suit all tastes
  • Suitable for different age groups, including young women and girls
  • You can wear it to work or go to university
  • It comes in a special size and is different from any other type you have ever seen
  • Rich in many distinct and different details
  • You do not need to buy many different types because they have great specifications and features
  • It has an elegant and distinctive structure to suit all tastes
  • Ali won the admiration of many people and that was the reason for her fame
  • High quality, does not peel or fade with frequent use
  • It comes with many special additions, including the wonderful wallet, which prevents you from buying any wallet
  • The preserver comes with a wonderful hand that enables you to determine its length as needed
  • The most beautiful women's bag is very ideal for use and does not cause any trouble to you while carrying it
  • Designed by the best international brands, which was the reason for its popularity
  • It is enough for all your purposes. It can put many of your things such as cosmetics, mobile phones, tissues and many other items.
  • Best bags Women handbag luxury perfect structure with 3 compartments and wide make your stuff well organized.
  • The best women's handbags are spacious enough to store your daily necessities with an extra detachable and adjustable strap as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.
  • Exquisitely crafted in classic leather texture, this elegant and casual bag reflects every meticulously selected detail.
  • It comes with a leather wallet to keep your cash and cards
  • The best women's handbags are the right choice to match your various outfits and occasions, such as work, shopping, trips, etc.
  • Women's handbags are definitely your best choice as a perfect gift for you or your ladies/girls on Anniversary, Birthday, New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and other holidays.
  • The best women's handbags, very beautiful appearance, with a durable and soft fabric lining
  • The designed capacity allows you to comfortably carry your tablet, papers, wallet, cosmetics and other personal items. Perfect to use as everyday handbags for work, shopping or dating
  • Best bags hand of these women 's simple and elegant with beautiful color. The bottom of the bag is protected by four metal screws from corrosion, and it can stand on its own. Lightweight and extremely soft with a comfortable hand feel
  • It can fit everything you normally carry very comfortably, and will soften gently with use, and is a very good choice for an everyday bag.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: I bought this bag and I really liked it. It holds quite a lot and it fits everything perfectly in this bag without looking bulky. Comes with a strap for hanging or over the shoulder. It's really nice.
  • Second opinion The right color and the right price. Highly recommend it

common questions

  • Is this bag durable?
  • Yes, it is made of high quality leather

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49.68 USD
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