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Smart and luxury sports watches for women and men

40.50 USD

The best sports watches A great watch for fitness tracking You can measure blood pressure directly on your hand, follow your physical condition, monitor blood oxygen and sleep

Specifications of the best sports watches

● Supported mobile phones: Bluetooth 4.0 Android 5.1 IOS9.0 and later versions are fully compatible with Samsung phones

● Large Capacity Polymer Battery

● Charging time: 2 hours

Features of the best sports watches

  • Using the PPG sensor, the best sports watches are able to provide real-time heart rate readings.

● When you sleep, the best sports watch will automatically monitor how long and how long you sleep. Please set the bedtime from "Personal Information". (Please wear the bracelet when sleeping to record your sleep data)

The best sports watch supports alarm, drink water, sedentary, call, SMS, anti-lost reminder. The watch will remind you by vibration.

● Control music, time, remote camera, find range, pedometer, vibration reminder, anti-lost, distance calculation, alarm clock.

Use of the best sports watches

  • The best sports watches are equipped with a great touch screen display that makes understanding your health and sports data clear and intuitive.
  • The best sports watches have other great functions such as sedentary reminder, pedometer, remote camera control, lightweight and the bracelet is changeable and very soft, very comfortable to wear.
  • Watch multiple sports modes The best sports watch determines the exact track distance, calories burned, miles traveled; The digital watch gives you more detailed insights into your entire daily activities which is great for sports enthusiasts who want to track a variety of sports and track their fitness status.

customer reviews

First opinion: A great watch that tracks your heart rate and sleep patterns and has a pedometer that tells you when you receive calls or text messages You can take pictures from your phone with the watch that charges very quickly and it lasts for more than two days without the need to charge again and there is a lot More than just naming a few it's really special

Second Opinion: An excellent and attractive watch, elegant and practical, very comfortable, performs many useful functions, I really liked it

common questions

Is it lightweight and comfortable?

Yes, it is lightweight and very comfortable on the wrist

40.50 USD
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