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Children's non-slip socks

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Children's non-slip socks

Baby socks, pamper your baby now at the age when he begins to move, walk and explore everything around him, as he becomes very excited about walking and learns how to walk in the right way. Get now non-slip socks for children and protect him from slipping or falling..

Specifications of anti-slip socks for children:

  • Product type: non-slip baby socks.
  • Target group: mothers.
  • Available colors: Available in many colors that suit both sexes, whether a girl or a boy (red, yellow, gray, black and brown).
  • Materials: Made of natural cotton, elastic bandax, and silicone sock flooring.
  • Available sizes: Multiple sizes are available from 6 to 36, sizes are in centimeters from 11 cm to 15 cm.
  • Suitable ages: from 7 months to 36 months.

Features of anti-slip socks for children:

  • The floor of the socks is made of flexible plastic that ensures that the child does not slip and protects him from falling.
  • The inside is made of materials that allow your baby's feet to breathe.
  • Made of cotton that is very soft against your baby's skin, as well as flexible materials that facilitate your baby's movement and make it easy to put on and take off.

15.39 USD
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Non-slip socks

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