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Small drone for kids

31.05 USD

Small drone for kids

A small drone for children is the best gift that you can give to a child on his birthday or on any special or official occasions, because it is very fun and entertaining, and it is also very safe for children, as it is flexible and harmless to children..

Aircraft Specifications:

  • Product type: Games children.
  • Type of uses: Suitable for use by children from one year of age.
  • Available colors from the small plane: Available in several nice colors and very grainy for children (blue - red - yellow).
  • The components of the plane: It contains a place where the plane is shipped, an infrared sensor sensor, a light center, and the start and shutdown buttons.
  • How to operate the plane: It is electrically charged and operated by the operating button, then moves according to the movement of the hand due to the presence of a sensitive sensor.

Airplane features:

  • It can move in all directions by 360 degrees.
  • Available in distinctive colors that all children love, so it will definitely be their favorite toy.
  • It is very safe for children, as it is made of the best materials, as it is flexible and harmless.
  • It has a light bar that attracts children's attention and makes them love to play with it.

31.05 USD
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