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QQ Couple Watch Set

48.60 USD

 The latest wrist watch, get a distinctive watch from the best types of watches that have an elegant and distinctive design to suit all tastes, the product enjoys the availability of two pairs of watches

Specifications of QQ Couple Watch Set :

  • Target group: men and women
  • Type: wrist watch
  • Body design: forged from metal
  • Color: Made of silver with some touches of gold
  • The internal screen comes in a distinctive color, which is one of the shades of white
  • The numbers are in black
  • Scorpions are made with an elegant design in gold color
  • Brand: QQ

Features of latest wrist watch :

  • The best unique set of watches, it is a wonderful pair of watches
  • It is made of sturdy materials that give it durability and high strength
  • One of the best watches designs that have won the admiration of many different tastes
  • The watch comes in a distinctive yellow color that goes with all different looks
  • A watch with a stylish and distinctive design that goes beyond the scope of other traditional watches
  • Designed by international fashion designers, which caused a sensation among many categories
  • It is suitable for all age groups, as it comes with a wonderful youthful design
  • You can give it as a special gift to your husband
  • The latest wrist watch that gives you a clear and accurate reading of the time
  • It is made of sturdy and durable metal that does not rust or fade
  • It has undergone many tests to ensure its efficiency and has proven it well
  • it is practical and distinctive and lasts with you for a long time
  • Comes with strong batteries and lasts for a long time without the need to change them
  • Suitable for all occasions, you can wear it in many special times, work times and outings
  • It comes with some special designs in a wonderful and distinctive golden color that suits all tastes
  • It was created with a modern and wonderful touch to give you a wonderful look and add a touch of elegance and beauty to your world appearance
  • Gives your hands a wonderful and attractive look
  • it is suitable for the size of the hand and is not large
  • Much better than other digital watches that may not give you an accurate time reading
  • Light on the hand, does not cause any physical damage such as allergies or infections

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48.60 USD
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