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Transparent plastic changeable anti-fog protective mask against fire

108 USD

Shop now through the Fratose store, the best shield that provides face protection from the dangers of the environment surrounding the human being

Description of transparent face mask

Type: face masks

Material: PAT polyester + sponge

Color: transparent mask

Size: 32*22cm (L*W)

Quantity: 20 pieces

Design: a face shield with a sponge for the front of the head

Features of a transparent protective face mask

  • The transparent face mask is anti-splash, dust-proof and anti-fog that covers the whole face
  • A transparent protective mask provides complete protection that protects your face and eyes from splatters and splashes
  • Suitable for daily use in crowded streets and bad weather, providing you with superior protection from the dangers that surround you in public places
  • A transparent protective mask that is comfortable to wear even if it is for a long time, as it is equipped with a sponge for the front of the head and an elastic strap.
  • The face mask is made of high-quality materials that are ultra-light, transparent, and anti-fog with clear vision
  • We provide you with this condom for the safety of you and your family, do not hesitate to buy it

common questions

Can it be cleaned with water and reused?

This is not possible, as this will damage the protective layer of the condom

108 USD
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