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Nickel sink stopper

8.10 USD

There are different types of basin cover, and one of the best of those types is a nickel stopper for the basin, as it is known to be well-made and it is important to use in the basin because it helps in all kinds of filtering, so it cannot be dispensed with in any way, and its price is suitable for everyone and is not exaggerated on Despite its high quality.

Information on Nickel Tub Stopper:

There are many sink stoppers for filtering, but the nickel stopper is one of the best popular types because:

  • Nickel stopper is a good quality stopper.
  • Convenient to use because it uses a sink stopper and filter at the same time.
  • Its price does not exceed 125.70 Egyptian pounds.
  • It has different colors such as gold and silver.
  • Made of strong metal.
  • Its sizes are fixed.
  • The length of the seal does not exceed 6 cm.
  • The height of the sink stopper is approximately 3.5 cm as well as its width.

Features of Nickel Tub Stopper:

There are many advantages of a nickel sink seal, including:

  • Convenient to use because its main function is to prevent the pelvis from being exposed to any kind of blockage.
  • It does not rust or corrode, does not leak water, and resists any kind of oxidation.

Customer reviews of nickel sink stopper

  • A very important product in every home and can not be dispensed with, and this stopper is considered one of the best types used and circulated for all people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nickel Tub Stopper

Q: Is the price appropriate for its quality?

Yes, its price is simple, affordable and suitable for its high quality.

8.10 USD
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